Masterweld 250

Masterweld 250

Masterweld 250 is a professional, robust, 3 Phase inverter power source for MMA welding and TIG DC applications with excellent arc characteristics.

Masterweld 250 is specifically designed for adverse working conditions, such as offshore, shipyards, boat-maintenance and repair.

TIG DC functions and digital control available is an optimized combination also for maintenance, building construction, light-medium metal structures.
Hot Start and Arc Force are adjustable in MMA welding and guarantee a better arc ignition, smoother deposition and fluent welding.
Anti Sticking allows electrode unstick from the base material in case of accidental sticking.
Most of market-electrodes up to 6mm diameter can be easily welded.
In TIG DC both pulse frequency (0,5-250Hz) and pulse base current can be set by the welder for optimal arc focusing, lower heat input and lower deformations.

Robust construction for heavy duty use
Built-in Wind Tunnel protects electronic devices from dust and saltiness and improves reliability
Digital display for setting and reading welding parameters
Microprocessor controls real-time welding parameters
Hot Start increases the start-current and gives better arc ignition
Arc Force avoids short circuits and lack of fusion during the welding
Lift TIG DC ignition reduces Tungsten inclusions
Trolley available
Remote Control applicable

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