Masterweld 500 HDP

Masterweld 500 HDP

Power Pulse 500 HDP is an Heavy Duty (400A 100% at 40°C) professional 3 Phase Inverter Power Source with separated wire feeder WF 104. WF 104 is a portable 4-roll drive wire feeder designed to withstand severe environmental conditions.

MIG/MAG available modes are: Manual, Synergic, Pulse Synergic and Double Pulse Synergic. MMA, MMA cellulosic, Lift TIG DC and ARC AIR cutting and gouging processes are
also included.
Pulse Synergic and Double Pulse Synergic modes guarantee excellent bead appearance without spatters and deformations of aluminum, stainless steel and mild steel welding.
Power Pulse 500HDP is ideal for applications in workshops, automotive and construction and high standards welding requirements.
A wide range of MIG-MAG synergic programs facilitate the fast selection of precise welding parameters using any welding wires:
• MAT (wire type)
• ø (wire diameter)
• Gas (shielded gas type)
Welding parameters (wire speed, amps or material thickness) Power Pulse 500 HDP can be easily moved on difficult working areas thanks to robust designed K-Trolley.

Modular concept allows multi-welding processes
Cooling Unit available
Fan on demand and Built-in Wind Tunnel protects electronic devices from dust and saltiness
and improves reliability
Up to 8mm diameter electrode welding is possible in MMA
Excellent welding with Cellulosic Electrodes
Arc Air gouging and cutting up to 8mm electrode
Lift TIG DC ignition reduces Tungsten inclusions
3T Special allows both Hot Start and Crater Filler current setting, for optimal penetration
at start and crater filling at bead’s end
Memory locations for welding process repeatability
Push-Pull torch applicable for MIG aluminum welding

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