Masterweld 171T

Masterweld 171T

Masterweld 171T is an innovative Inverter Power Source for TIG DC and MMA welding with excellent arc characteristics.

Masterweld 171T main applications are: maintenance, food industry, hydraulics, piping and chemical plants.

In TIG DC welding, Masterweld Q-Start function simplifies and speeds up Tack-welding in any conditions. Heat imput and deformations are no longer barriers thanks to Multi-Tack system.
It minimizes heat impact on welding material and guarantees high quality joints. Pre-set balanced parameters, stored in the Synergic Pulse TIG DC SYN curve, simplify Pulsed welding by adjusting only welding current.
Masterweld Special HF control provides100% rapid and precise arc ignition. Friendly-user digital interface allows precise parameters setting. TIG DC standard functions include Pre Gas, Post Gas, Up Slope, Down Slope, Start Current, Final Current.
A wide range of adjustable pulse frequency together with extra parameters control (Base Current and Duty Cycle) allow operating in slow pulse and fast pulse.
Trigger control sets 2T/4T/Bi-Level and Spot Welding.
In MMA welding, factory optimized Hot Start, Arc Force and Anti Sticking facilitate operations with up to 3.25mm diameter electrode.

Handle and Shoulder Strap for easy carrying
Microprocessor controls real time welding parameters
Slow Pulse TIG DC for thicker plate and welding with TIG rod
Fast Pulse TIG DC: focused arc, thiner welding material and lower deformations
Remote Control applicable

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